I’m Daniella, Newcastle born and bred, blessed to be the mother of one very independent, sensitive, and loving teenage daughter. It was her giving me the opportunity to become her mother that we are here now – she has been my inspiration on this path every step of the way. When Shaylani was born – I thought I was prepared – I thought I had some idea of what lay ahead and what I might need… Sadly I was mistaken – there was so much more I could have known – so much more support that would have been beneficial for us both, and for all of us as a family. I wish I knew; I wish I knew; I wish I knew…

As a massage therapist at the time, looking to start my own business, my path became clear – I would specialise in pregnancy and postpartum massage. Being a mum and running a new business is busy, it’s the wonderful people I met through my business that supported me in ways that my well-meaning friends and family couldn’t. Like minded business owners with the shared passions of supporting women and babies with the love and care I believe in so strongly. These were my people! I had found my new way of being in this lifetime. I’m forever grateful for the love, care and friendship of those that have been with me since the beginning, those with me now, and the many more I will come to know over time.

As my career and personal life evolved to now, 13 years later, I am a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Postpartum Doula, Birth Story Listener and Birth Art Mentor. Living with my partner Steve and my daughter Shaylani in Bungwahl 90 minutes up the coast, near Seal Rocks. Yes – I moved – and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life – as much as I love our new lifestyle, the hole in my heart was huge. I was meeting new people but dearly missed connecting with my long-loved Newcastle community. With most of my clients now working with me online from Newcastle I was aware that keeping up my professional connections to support them well had to be a priority. When the opportunity to start Newcastle Baby magazine presented itself, I knew it was the answer to my dreams of staying connected and working with the people of my hometown. My dream of growing a supportive community of likeminded professionals with the love and care of mothers and babies at its centre is now a reality. We are Newcastle Baby and we are here for you. In print, in person and online with our beautiful magazine and our individual offerings!

Yes, in this day and age many of us have online offerings for your convenience, but we are still very much here with you, we understand where you live and have the local knowledge and connections to support you with our growing network of professionals. As many mothers will tell you searching google for answers at 3am with a crying baby is not usually very helpful. People need people, at the most vulnerable time in your life it’s the people around you who will make all the difference to your experience, choose them wisely. You won’t have all the answers and you have no idea of knowing exactly what your path will bring, finding your way in this new world can at times be confusing and overwhelming. Wherever you are on your Mothering journey – pregnant with your first baby or returning to work after your third – now is the time to allow yourself to be supported in the way that feels best for you.

Please don’t allow guilt, feelings of unworthiness, or superwoman costumes stand in your way, these feelings are real, we are human, there is no perfection to strive for, the goal is love. We cannot go back and change the events of the past – but we can learn through our experiences. Many mums and dads put their lived experience to good use – guided by their loving hearts and stirring passions, contributing to our world making it a better place for our children. So many businesses working in birth and early childhood begin this way, as our eyes and hearts are opened to what we, and our babies need to grow and thrive during this transformational time of our lives. So here we are – Newcastle Baby – a community of hearts and souls wrapped up in business packages, committed to serving you every step of the way, if we can’t help you – we will know someone who can.



The notion of tribes and villages has been tossed around over the past few years and yes, it is the ideal of what we need as we grow our families. That doesn’t mean that we will gather around a fire and share our stories as we hold each other’s babes and dry each other’s tears, basking in the warmth of shared and sacred space – but with enough foresight maybe, just maybe – we could – if we wanted to. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – some like chai and others prefer earl grey – there is no right or wrong here – it’s all about what resonates with you.

We have so much personal power within the choices we make and the communities we create. It’s important that you identify what this means for you – where you fit – what you want it to look like – to feel like, and what you want to contribute along the way. Being mindful that the woman you become through this transition can be very different to the woman who decides to start the journey, checking in to see if what you thought you would need still fits with the new you that’s growing and changing as rapidly as your newborn baby. It’s up to us to create our new social fabric – we are the weavers that hold the threads and choose the colours – times are forever changing and it’s important that we change with them. There are so many ways to create the community that suits you, your lifestyle and the needs and dreams of your family.

What I encourage you to do – is to do so with support – to give yourself the time, the good health, the comfort and nurturing that you give to your babies. Putting ourselves as mothers at the bottom of our to do list is to be a thing of the past – you wouldn’t want this for your children, and they do learn by your example. They are learning all about the world around them from within the safe haven of your womb. You are the centre of their world, so be sure to be the centre of your own, take good care and always remember you are worthy of feeling loved, supported and respected, every step of the way.

It can seem incomprehensible when you are living through these early years, however the truth is time really does fly by so quickly and your babies really do grow so fast. Making the time and prioritising strong foundations for the health and wellbeing of your family is something you will never ever look back on with regret. The not knowing what was possible – the who, what, why and when of it all because it was all too much and you tried to do it all alone because you didn’t know how or who to ask for help – that is what far too many women look back on with regret, as over time, exhausted and driven by necessity they begin to dive more deeply into their own needs.

There is a saying common with postpartum doulas “40 days for 40 years” referring to the period after birth, the first 40 days, where a woman needs to be able to rest, to feel relaxed, supported, nurtured and well-nourished to create the state of strength and wellness her body and her spirit will need to carry her and her family well through the next 40 years.

You are creating life – you are creating futures – you deserve the very best of all our community has to offer. From the nutritionist who can support you on your fertility journey the to the early childhood centre whose pure and simple wish is for your little ones to go outside and play.

We are Newcastle Baby and we are here for you.

With Love, Blessings and Appreciation