The arts of storytelling and ritual can feel very lost in our modern-day culture. Life itself is an act of creation.

Pregnant women and Newborn mothers often feel a yearning – a calling that they can’t always readily identify – they can feel that something is missing yet not know what that something is.

In our everyday lives before we start planning a family and children come along, being organised with a healthy and satisfying lifestyle is challenging enough, venturing into pregnancy and new babies and its 100% next level to anything else you have ever set your sights on.

The single most important thing you can do from my perspective as a Life Coach, Intuitive Healer, Birth Story Listener and Birth Art Mentor, is to get to know yourself. Yes – I am a huge believer in support and having the people and services you need to care for you and your family during the perinatal period.

However, the simple fact remains – this really does all start with you – you are at the centre of this – these are your choices and they are important – you are important. The choices you make can have far reaching effects for your transition from maiden to mother and your journey as a woman in this lifetime. I’d love to share with you a few ideas and ways of being in creating the world around you – your world – your life – one breath – one step at a time.

Start where you are Now

It’s never too late – wherever you are on your journey – the quest of doing deeply nourishing soul work will reach you at the time when you are most ready for it. It’s normal to have regrets – thoughts like – If I knew this then I would have done A/B/C differently and D wouldn’t be such a mess… Still I do believe that timing is everything. Lessons are here to learn; we all have our own path to take in this life – please try not to compare yours to others – it’s our differences that make the world such a rich and vibrant place to be.

Get to know your Spiritual Self

This one is so often overlooked, either taken for granted as a done deal or something you may have never given any real thought to. The process of becoming a mother often brings with it a heightened state of spiritual awareness – the extreme energetic highs and lows you may experience and the challenges you may face often give rise to a new spiritual awareness or an awakening of your spiritual life. On the other hand, unforeseen events may challenge your understanding of, and relationship with your spiritual self. With so much going on – it’s often a heady cocktail of both.

Learn the art of Grounding

You may think you are grounded with so much new physical activity going on – and I quote one of my clients;

“Grounded – I mean really – I’m so grounded I feel like I’m being buried alive!”

I understand that on a physical level there are times you will feel so heavy, so weighed down that the laws of gravity take on a whole new meaning. I’m not talking about your physical self here – it’s your energetic body that needs connection to the earth – there is so much air energy in new motherhood that you can literally float away without realising it. Becoming a new mother can in many ways be like an out of body experience – it’s so important for your energetic bodies to be firmly grounded in the earth to maintain the balance and health of your inner and outer worlds.

Practice Journaling

Tune into your inner author – there is so much more going on here than grocery lists or to do lists. Gift yourself a beautiful book and pen – it’s not what you write that matters – it’s the repetition of developing a new habit, it’s the commitment to spending quality time with yourself. There are so many ideas for journal prompts – go with what resonates at the time. 5-10 minutes a day is a great starting point. Be curious and attentive in this new relationship with yourself – be there for You through the highs, the lows and everything in-between. You will be so glad you did! Your future self with thank you for sure!

Get Creative

If you don’t have a creative outlet that comes easily and naturally to you – find one. It may be gardening, drawing, cooking, singing, writing, painting, the list goes on, find a creative outlet for yourself. Self-expression is food for the soul. Yes, there is a good chance there may be a few months during the perinatal period when you are totally unable to find the time or energy for the pastime you love, this is ok. But please be mindful – a few months is enough – then it’s time for your family to give you the time you need and deserve. You will often fill the role of the facilitator and organiser of their creative pursuits, which you will likely take great delight in. Still you don’t want to wake up one day lamenting “what about me?”  Create time and space for yourself and your self-expression now.

Life Coaching with Birth Art

Here’s where I come in – this one is not so easy to DIY – Birth Art is the creation of Pam England, author of Birthing from Within, and other highly recommended books for birth. With Pam’s books you can follow and explore the art exercises yourself which is such a wonderful opportunity to see if this approach resonates with you. Some individuals struggle getting started without support – that’s ok too, there can be so many layers of conditioning built up around the creation of art that it can be very difficult to make a start, let alone know what to do next. If you are in any way curious or drawn to this practice – I encourage you to move forward with it.

A quick note – Birth Art and  Art Therapy are different approaches to learning, growing and healing with art. With Art Therapy your therapist will work with you and your art to interpret and inform meaning. Birth Art is facilitated by a Birth Art Mentor, skilfully guiding you through your own practice to find your own meaning within your creative expression.

Birth Art integrates seamlessly with Life Coaching and Intuitive Healing. It is a source of great joy and deep healing for every client who is willing to give this approach a try.

The original intention and themes of Birth Art – is for all things Birth, themes such as connecting with your baby, exploring the culture of birth, preparation for labour, healing of trauma and becoming a mother. I love this process so much that I now integrate it into all areas of my coaching and healing work, as guided and when you are willing. Is Birth Art something you’d like to explore? Would you like to create more ritual in your everyday life? 

I love having a chat and getting to know you so we can create a pathway that meets you where you are now and supports you to move forward well.

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