It’s easier than you think!


If the vision of your little bub wrapped up in a natural, enviro friendly nappy brings a smile to your face then read on.

Becoming a parent can be daunting. And if it’s not daunting, there’s still a lot of things to consider, most of us just take the lead from our family and friends. What did they use? What did they do? But times have changed and what “they” did is often not with sustainability in mind. So, if you’re green minded let me give you, mother to mother, friend to friend some information to consider.


Did you know………..

As the parent of a new baby, you will change about 5,500 nappies in the two to three years before your child toilet trains!  Disposables will cost you around $2,000-$3,000 per child, cloth nappies will cost you around $700 if you use them full time but will also do all your children.

More than 800 MILLION disposable nappies end up in landfill each year in Australia alone.

Did you know that every disposable nappy and wipe ever produced is still in existence today as they take hundreds of years to break down.


A little bit about us

Itti bitti was mostly an online business and although we sell Australia wide and into over 30 countries I wanted to reach out to local people and provide something special to the people of Newcastle, so last year we opened our doors at our warehouse in Cardiff creating a showroom focusing on our beautifully designed cloth nappies and other sustainable baby products.

The store has been hugely popular, I think this is because people can come in to see and feel the nappies while they learn all they need to know from our experienced team. This is just the beginning of the ongoing support you will receive, as you don’t just visit itti bitti you become part of our family.  You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, with social media and the internet there is so much information out there that you can often begin to think it’s all too hard, when it really is easier than you think.

With the growth of our store and more people wanting information we are now offering nappy workshops. Where friendly and informative small groups, gain hands on experience in our interactive sessions with demonstrations, where everyone feels comfortable asking questions, exchanging ideas, having a cuppa and just relaxing for an hour or so.


A Little Bit About Me

As the owner of Itti Bitti I love getting to know all the new mums, families and business owners, in our shop and at baby exhibitions we get the opportunity to chat and help people discover the ease and benefits of modern cloth nappies.

Running a business is not as easy as people think!  It takes a lot of dedication and many hours to run a business successfully.  I am passionate about modern cloth nappies – so much so that I became a board member of the Australian Nappy Association (ANA) and am always looking for ways to reach out to new and expecting mums.

Recently I have been liaising with local Councils to develop a wonderful new service for our community, to help people see the benefits of MCN’s, Modern Cloth Nappies, Itti Bitti is establishing a cloth nappy library, this library is for the families of Newcastle and the Hunter. The nappy library will allow people to trial nappies first, to see if they like them and what style of nappy they prefer, taking away the fear of buying something first.


Giving back

Cloth nappies will outlast your child and many people do not know what to do with them once they are finished, particularly if they don’t have someone to hand them down to.

At itti bitti we have been collecting preloved nappies that are generously donated back to us and passing them on to charities. Earlier this year the beautiful children of the Bravehearts Program, an orphanage in Cambodia, were in desperate need so we collected as many preloved nappies as we could by putting out a call for help. We are proud to say that we donated 1,000 pre-loved itti nappies to assist the orphanage.



Itti Bitti provides modern cloth nappy solutions in Australia and worldwide. Our award-winning reusable cloth nappies are an effective choice to reduce your baby’s environmental footprint. With our signature ultra-trim fit and luxurious fabrics; itti will change the way you think about cloth nappies! Itti, design inspired by family.