Attention all mums that want to get back into exercise, KGPT is the ultimate mums and bubs gym of Newcastle! We have created the ultimate family friendly space for you to be able to bring your little ones along so you can prioritise time to YOU and get yourself exercising pre or post bub. Our classes start at just $6.00 and are purely pay as you go, no lock ins. KGPT is welcoming of all genders, ages and fitness levels especially those who might feel like they’ve been out of the game too long.


How did KGPT come about: After many years of working in commercial gyms I noticed nobody was catering to the mums wanting to exercise. My mission has always been to create a family friendly space that the mums could bring their little ones along and prioritize getting themselves back into working out pre and post bub! I also didn’t want to be membership based or lock people into contracts as I have seen that commercial gyms don’t care about anything but the numbers. My classes are $6.00 and purely pay as you go, doing this I have developed a large recurring clientele that I know appreciate being able to pay when they come along.


How does it work with bringing kids along: The kids literally just run around absolutely crazy here at KGPT and I wouldn’t have it any other way! We have loads of toys to play with and a huge secure space which the kids are with you the whole time, not behind a fence. Us trainers have seen it all from the clingy kids that will practically crawl all over mum whilst she’s trying to do pushups or the babies that might just want to cry the whole time, were very used to carrying babies to help you get a workout in!


What is your clientele that comes to KGPT: So we have a huge portion that are mums and bubs that come along but we are welcoming of anyone of any age or gender. I am so thankful for all the different types of people we have attracted over the years as it’s so family friendly, judgement free and full of laughs.