The Importance of Trust

If there is one thing the year that was 2020 has taught us, it’s how to adapt to change. From adapting to working from home, remote learning with our children, to coping with all the uncertainty.  Rockmybaby® nannies have had to pivot and adapt to their new roles, from supporting online learning and often more permanently, getting used to having their employers working from home and sharing their workspace with them. This has meant managing changes in workplace dynamics – a challenging scenario when small people are at the centre of the equation.

You might be familiar with the viral video of the two young children busting in on their Father’s Live BBC interview last year.  A hilariously candid moment that can be laughed at in hindsight, but clearly was a very stressful time for the poor parents! You can check this out here:  

Children look up to their significant carers, and to need to feel secure in their care to grow up to be confident independent learners. Rockmybaby® nannies know how to build on this circle of security. They are skilled in sewing those seeds of stability and trust so that learning can take place in its fullest and most abundant forms.

“Our little ones are constantly absorbing information that strengthens their internal brain maps, and they learn these things most strongly through relationships”. – Maggie Dent *   *

Trust is one of the first things a baby learns. Trusting that their needs will be met, they are then freed and supported to explore their world. A safe and stable attachment allows for babies to learn that all is well in their world. They know that they will be fed when they are hungry, and soothed when they cry.

As children grow, this trust circle is expanded to include others. As children trust that other adults such as their childcare provider and teachers will keep them safe, they feel emboldened and confident to take risks and make inquiries. They feel comfortable asking questions.

Rockmybaby® nannies know that building trust right now is more than just showing up every day. It starts with spending time building connections. Being truly interested and engaged in what makes that child tick. Being aware of their wellbeing and asking questions that can spark curiosity and have the child guide the direction of the play or inquiry.  It is about finding the joy in another person and immersing yourself in their world.

Knowing that a child is a fully formed person, one who needs their emotions validated and to be treated genuinely, builds trust. A Rockmybaby® nanny will speak to children using age appropriate language and are never patronising or indifferent. They speak the language of emotions and know that giving a child the space to express how they feel is one of the most important skills that a child will ever learn. Trust, however, is also built through clear expectations and boundaries. Children feel safe when they know that there are rules, even as they test them – and they will!

Often when one of Rockmybaby®’s nannies come into roles with older children, this process can take a little longer. As children grow, they see that people come in and out of their lives and so it becomes more difficult for them to trust new people. But this just means that nannies need to increase their efforts to develop those bonds. Connection comes in the hundreds or thousands of daily interactions that demonstrate to a child that they are being heard and valued. It might be that the nanny makes their sandwiches the preferred way. It might mean listening to the same kinds of music or knowing the plot of a favourite movie. It might just mean listening to a complaint without offering a solution, instead just using empathy by way of demonstrating that you have confidence that the child can manage it. It is about respect and showing up. When Rockmybaby®’s nannies’ bond with the children in all these ways, they set up the important foundations for lifelong learning.

When you have a trusted bond between child and carer, a kind of partnership in formed.  This allows a child to try new methods, to think creatively, and to persevere when things get tough. It is a blessing to know that a Rockmybaby® nanny can build this relationship, or in fact, may already have this relationship with a child in a very natural and organic way. It is an advantage that a Rockmybaby® nanny has over a classroom teacher, for example, the relationship is usually very strong and can span across years.

Building trusted, respectful relationships with their charges is a Rockmybaby® nanny’s modus operandi.  It is what makes an exceptional nanny and is why finding that perfect fit for your family is so important.  Consistency and continuity of care and the opportunity to build genuine relationships, helps children to feel secure and allows them the space that they need to grow into resilient, compassionate individuals with enquiring minds.

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