The new age of family photos

Family photos have come a long way over the years, when I think about the older style of family photos, I always get this image in my head of a family sat awkwardly posed next to each other, usually in front of a beige background in matching Christmas jumpers! Which of course, if that’s your style there is nothing wrong with that, and who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper! However, these days family photos seem to be transitioning into something a lot more natural and varied. Our photoshoots for example are often set in the outdoors and we do our best to make the photo shoots relaxed and fun. We want the time you spend with us to be one you look back upon as something enjoyable, where you felt comfortable to be yourself and have some fun in front of the camera, rather than that time you look back upon shuddering at how awkward it made you feel!


This new age of family photoshoots requires a little more thought, in order to help you plan the perfect photoshoot for your family here are our three top tips to consider –

What is the best location for my family’s photoshoot?


The answer to this is what many of our families tend to get a bit stuck on. Finding the perfect location and trying to figure out if it also works well through the lens of a camera is a lot of pressure! To help our families find the perfect location we always ask them to think about things they enjoy doing together. Is it riding bikes or having a picnic at the park, playing in the sand at the beach or maybe going for a hike in nature somewhere? Whatever the answer is,

we encourage you to plan the photoshoot around this. So you could head to a park you love visiting and set up a little picnic which could be included in the photoshoot and your family can enjoy this afterwards, or if you have young kids and they usually ride their scooters around the park get them to bring these along and we can make sure we get some ‘action shots’! Or if you’re a family that enjoy hiking for example, we can venture to a bushland setting or somewhere you would usually go to, but this time you just turn up in slightly different clothes!

What should we wear?


This of course depends on your family’s style however some guidelines would be to consider the location you have chosen for your photos and think about what you would be comfortable wearing and feel great in. For example, high heels for a beach photoshoot probably wouldn’t be an ideal choice!

We also advise against wearing anything with large logos or text as this would look quite over powering in the photos and try and pick clothing with the same kinds of tones. We’re not talking colours, you can be as colourful as you would like but if one person is wearing fluro green and another is wearing a deep blue, the colours will clash in the photos.

Something that you feel good in and can move around in are the most important things to think about when picking an outfit. We like to have fun at our photoshoots and want you to enjoy and feel your best!



What is the best time of day?


The best time of day for a photoshoot is when the light is softer, so around one hour after sunrise and one to one and a half hours before sunset. If these times wouldn’t work for your family think about picking a location that is quite shaded like a park with some big beautiful trees for example.


If you’re looking at having an in-home photoshoot, take note of the times of day when you get the most natural light coming inside and we can plan the photoshoot at this time. It makes for much nicer photos than artificial lighting.


Overall, as I’ve mentioned we want your family photoshoots to be fun! Pick a location you love, wear something that makes you feel great and just enjoy the time spent with your family. Ludo will be there in the background snapping away, offering some guidance for photos and reminding you to relax and laugh!


If you have asked yourself all of these questions and still aren’t sure of what to do or where to go, give us a call, we would be more than happy to chat through some ideas and help plan the perfect photoshoot for your family, or if you have a something in mind let us know, whatever or wherever you are thinking we’re happy to give it a go. Especially if it is somewhere we have never been before as we love to discover great locations around Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Central Coast.


Capturing your memories is our passion. We know how fast life goes by, how quick little ones grow up and how precious time spent together is so if you’re thinking about having a family photoshoot please get in touch.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Ludo & Dani


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