Most parents for many years have taken the standard photo of their fresh baby in the blue and pink striped hospital blanket and they still do. In addition to this, these days most families are opting to get professional photographers to capture their new arrivals in the first few weeks of life, and this has become just as important as wedding photography.

Photography has evolved massively in  the past decade, with the digital camera revolution and editing software allowing photographers to get the perfect sleepy pose and edit out any skin imperfections so that you can share your perfect creation with your family, and friends and proudly adorn these sweet images as art on your walls.

I’ve always loved photography and treasured photographs of my loved ones. You see, I lost my sister when she was only 5 years old and now all I have left of her are our memories and  photographs. Maybe this is why I’m so passionate about taking photos of children. It’s like freezing little moments in time to be treasured forever. You really don’t realise how important they are until it’s all you have left. 

I always hear the same thing from parents when they are in the studio and it is that their babies grew up too fast. You’re so busy trying to be the best parents you can can possibly be when all of a sudden your kids are off to school and you’re at the front gate waving and wondering what you’ve been doing the last five years. 

Let’s be honest, mother’s also rarely exist in photos and if they do it’s often an awkward blurry phone selfie. Newborn photographers give you the opportunity to exist beautifully in photos with your newborn. After 9 months of pregnancy and child birth it’s, the very least that new Mama’s deserve.

I am Haley, the Owner of Bella Rouge Photography. I am a 30-something year old wife and mother of two. I am a passionate photographer specialising in newborn babies. I have been a photographer now for over 7 years and I pride myself on my portfolio. I am fully immunised, fully insured, educated in the art that is newborn photography and newborn safety. 

I specialise in styled newborn baby images that will set your heart alight. In natural yet moody tones that capture the innocence of this special time without taking the attention away from your perfect little creation. 

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