Are you pregnant and looking for ways to relax, manage your fear, anxiety, pain AND connect with your baby?

For thousands of years, sound has been used in cultures around the world as a tool for healing. Whether through mantras, drums or other instruments, sound can bring balance and wholeness to the body, providing a type of escape from the present moment.

Sound healing therapy, provided by Healing Life Energies in Newcastle, is one of many tools that doulas and perinatal support professionals are becoming more familiar with. Through the use of Crystal Singing Bowls, Reverie Harp, Koshi Bells and the simple powers of the Voice, Sophia can provide a safe and relaxing environment for birthing mothers and their baby, who can perceive sound in utero as early as nine weeks.

There have been many studies conducted over the years to support the use and effectiveness of sound therapy for variety of purposes, including relaxation, pain management and anxiety reduction.

Healing Life Energies runs bi-monthly Pre-Natal Sound Baths, an event especially for Expectant Mums and their Partners.

As you prepare yourself and your body for the birth of your baby, allow yourself to be cocooned in the Soothing Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls, the healing energy of a Gong Bath, receive a gentle Drum Massage for your back, whilst allowing the Sounds of the Reverie Harp and other instruments to wash over you.

Time is suspended as you enter a world of sound vibration, sensation and experience.

Join us for a 90min Soothing Sound Bath where you will be taken into a deep state of relaxation, connection and healing. Experience the support and nurturing energies of being in a group setting. There is nothing else to do but to receive and allow!

Here are some of the benefits of relaxing with sound:

* assists with managing pain, especially in the lower back;
* assists with managing anxiety;
* assists with sleep issues such as insomnia;
* releases all of the “happy” hormones – endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin;
* lowers blood pressure;
* calms the nervous system;
* encourages early brain development in your unborn baby;
* contributes to a healthy and happy baby later in life;
* allows for quality ‘me’ time for you and your baby.

Click on the link for dates and information on the next Pre-Natal Sound Bath

As your pregnancy develops and it is time to give birth, on one of the most important days of your life, imagine being cocooned in the Soothing Sounds and Vibrations of Crystal Singing Bowls as you welcome your baby into the world.

Many people experience some level of fear or anxiety around giving birth, however given that you have a choice of many different options for a relaxing birth, it has never been easier to create a personal and private environment where you and your partner feel confident, relaxed & safe for this time in your life. If you’re looking for a safe, holistic way to be calmer before and during the birth of your child, then Birthing Sound Baths are an incredible option to consider.

Women choose to use sound baths before and during the birth of their child because it has ample ways to help you to manage any fear, anxiety and stress you may be feeling in the lead up to the birth of your baby.

Sound itself has been used for many years as a way to assist in decreasing anxiety, calming the nervous system and elevating consciousness in meditation. When you combine this with the act of giving birth, the benefits are immense.

Why Women and Birth Pros are Using Sound During Childbirth:

  • to release pain … naturally​
  • to overcome anxiety and fear around giving birth
  • to release those birthy hormones (oxytocin, endorphins etc) … naturally!
  • to bond with their baby even before the birth!
  • to ride the contractions, rather than drown in them!​
  • to increase energy levels even when feeling exhausted​
  • to release those happy hormones while transitioning into Motherhood!
  • to create a “birthing cave” and sacred space no matter where the woman decides to give birth.

Bringing you into an alpha brain wave almost immediately, the sound of a crystal singing bowl helps you to achieve a relaxed, yet alert state. This is not only important for the mother-to-be, but also assists the other people in the room to stay relaxed and calm.

The feeling that a sound bath creates, has been likened to being in a safe haven, or in a cave. This gives you the opportunity to really let go so that your body can do the work that it innately knows how to do.

Symbolically, the singing bowls used in these sound baths are seen as feminine, while the wand is seen as masculine. When these are connected they create new life in the form of sound. Further to this, when a focused sound through ‘toning’ is created along with the sound emanating from the bowl, it allows your jaw to relax. When the jaw relaxes, it has the effect of also relaxing the cervix. This is of great benefit, as when your cervix is relaxed it helps to create a sense of ease within the intense process of childbirth.

Using sound during childbirth is a natural way to assist in the release of hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins that will help you to ride the waves of the contractions you will experience, rather than simply enduring them. By allowing the soothing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls and Reverie Harp to gently reverberate through your body engaging your inner strength and innate birthing wisdom.

Sophia, from Healing Life Energies will assist the labour by playing soothing instruments during and after contractions without intruding on the mother’s privacy.

Making the holistic, empowered choice to have a Sound Bath during the birth of your child is a choice that will allow you to reduce pain, anxiety and create a serene environment as new life enters the world.

To assist in welcoming a new baby into this world with the Soothing Sounds of Crystal Singing Bowl is an absolute honour.